Friday, September 11, 2009

UST in the Final Four: A Matter of Perspective

By Patrick Leonard Mayo

Finally! The UST Growling Tigers barge into the Final Four (with a little help from their Sampaloc neighbors), and the hopes for a second title in four years are very much alive. But UST's performance thus far, presents two contrasting sides.

One could view their season as an overachieving one, being out of the Final Four radar in the preseason. Some pundits even pegged them to two or three wins this season, max. So we all should be happy and contented with their performance despite entering the semis with a losing record (6-8) and already concede the first game of the semis to the defending champions.

On the other side of the coin, their ticket to the Final Four bus could be viewed as the first step to a repeat of the miracle run in season '69. The Tigers could use their underdog tag to their advantage. Everyone expects the Blue Eagles to dispatch of them on Sunday, easily. But if they could at least surprise the champs with a never-say-die attitude right from the start, they might catch them off-guard and steal Game 1. We all know that anything can happen in a rubber match where all the stats are thrown out of the window.

But it's really up to them. We could all cheer our hearts out next Sunday but if they will play half-hearted, then they should just hand over the win to the Eagles. But if they will play like there is no tomorrow, (which is what will happen if they don't give their alll), if they will play as a team with one goal and at least keep the game close in the end game, an upset win is very likely to happen. They should strike fear in the eyes of the Blue Eagles right from the buzzer and show them that they've got to get past the mighty, mighty Tigers before they talk of back-to-back titles. UST is not far from Ateneo in terms of talent, all they need to do is forge their talent and play solid defense for 40 solid minutes.

Dylan, show everyone that you are the King Tiiger, the league MVP. Khasim, show them that you are indeed a man with aim and precision. Chris, show Nonoy how it is to play rock-solid defense. Jeric F., run the offense with smoothness and steal that ball from the "man of steal", Jeric T., get ready to be fouled hard and complete that "and-1" play. Clark, burn their zone defense with your three-point bombs. To the bench mob, play quality minutes. Contribute in any way possible.

It's all a matter of perspective. Do we want to be contented or do we want to go all the way to the championship?

Friday, September 4, 2009

A breakdown of UST's journey to the Final Four

A breakdown of UST's journey to the Final Four
Season 72
By Patrick Leonard Mayo

Truly a heartbreaking loss for the Tigers. A win yesterday could have settled their Final Four destiny and ended La Salle's season as well. There may have been a ton of questoinable calls from the refs but I'd still give credit to La Salle. Sabi nga ni UST Team Manager Clarence Aytona, the Archers played one hell of a game.

Now on to more complicated matters since yesterday's outcome really complicated things. Keep in mind the current standings of UST (6-6) and DLSU (5-7). Here are the possible scenarios that the Tigers might be facing in the coming days:

Scenario No. 1-If UST wins their last two games against AdU and UE, (they will end up with an 8-6 record) and the Archers sweep their last two games against FEU and NU (giving them a 7-7 record), then UST will advance to the FF. So in short, UST needs to sweep their last two games to secure the last FF slot regardless if La Salle sweeps or not.

Scenario No. 2- If UST wins one and drops one and DLSU sweeps their last two games, they will end up with identical 7-7 records which will result into a do-or-die knock out match for the last FF spot.

Scenario No. 3- If the Tigers drop their last two games and the Archers win one and drop one, they will be tied at 6-8, ergo, another knock out match between the two. We know that the Tigers would love to aviod scenario number 2 and 3 because we all know the pressure they'll be facing in a knock out match and it's not just against a regular opponent, It's La Salle. No matter how weak they seem to be this season, La Salle is still La Salle. Tried and tested na ang system nila and ANYTHING can happen in a knock out match.

Scenario No. 4 - The worst thing that could happen. UST fails to win another game and DLSU sweeps their last two. UST ends up at 6-8, DLSU at 7-7, Archers advance to the Final Four.

UST will be facing Adamson this coming Sunday and UE on Thursday. The Falcons may be struggling this season but we have to keep in mind that the losses of the Falcons were decided by 5 points or less and their first encounter with the Tigers was decided by a single point. One of the hardest teams to beat is a team who is playing with nothing to lose. Adamson will be playing the spoilers role and they should be taken very seriously.

UE on the other hand is peaking at the right time. In my personal power rankings, I would rank them second to the Ateneo Blue Eagles. They have showed poise in the end game and are slowly erasing their tag as the league's perennial chokers. They still have a legit shot at grabbing the second spot and we can expect them to come all out in their remaining games.The Tigers need our support so let's go to the venues and cheer our hearts out.

Go USTe!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Songwriting tilt for the Quadricentennial celebration

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) has launched a song writing contest which aims to come up with a banner song as part of the university’s grand quadri-centennial celebration in 2011.

According to the UST’s Office of Public Affairs, the contest will be open to all Thomasians: Alumni, faculty members and students including immediate family members of Thomasians. However, members of the Screening Committee are disqualified from entering the contest.

Ms. Giovanilla Fontanilla, UST Office of Public Affairs chief, said that each entry may be individually or collaboratively authored. However, she said, that only one prize will be awarded in case of collaborative composition.

“But each participant may submit as many entries as they can,” Fontanilla said.

Fontanilla said mechanics of the contest include:

- The theme of the song must contain the idea of the university as it celebrates its Qudricenennial.

- The duration of the song must at least two minutes but not exceed three minutes.

- The song may be English or Filipino

- The song must be certified original by the contestant. UST shall not be held liable should complaints due to similarities or likeness of the song arise. The contestant has the sole responsibility to prove its authenticity

- Submitted entries must be sung by a solo singer/artist with ourwithout instrumental accompaniment

- Contestants must fill out an application form and shall submit one (1) recent 2”x2” colored photo. Application form may be obtained from the Office of Public Affairs or may be downloaded from the UST website:

Fontanilla said that entries must be submitted in CD format together with hard copies of the lyrics and the accomplished application form In sealed brown envelopes. She added that contestants may also send their entries via email provided that they indicate their name, address and contact number.

Fontanilla said that submission of entries is from August 17, 2009 to November 5, 2009 at the Office of Public Affairs or at International and regional entries, meanwhile, may be submitted through mail or courier and must be postmarked on or before November 5, 2009.She said that criteria for judging will be 70 percent for music and 30 percent for lyrics.

“The Screening Committee shall choose five finalists who will be informed through courier or email on November 15, 2009. The finalists will then choose their own interpreters, preferably professional singers,” Fontanilla said.

Fontanilla said the Grand Finals will be held on December 10, 2009 at the UST Medicine Auditorium with the Grand prize winner taking home P150, 000, second place winner P100, 000 and third place winner P75, 000. A consolation prize of P20, 000 will also be given to the non winners.Fontanilla also added that submitted entries shall become the property of the university. (Francis T. Wakefield)

UST welcomes freshmen

Some 14,000 freshmen from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) were officially welcomed to the oldest Catholic school in Asia during the annual Thomasian Welcome Walk held last Friday (July 24, 2009) at the UST Grandstand in Sampaloc, Manila.

The program started with a parade of all Thomasian freshmen students from the 19 faculties and colleges of UST. The welcome rights includes the ceremonial passage through the Arch of the Centuries, the historic facade of the University's old Intramuros campus which was destroyed during the liberation of Manila in 1945.

Fr. Isidro Abano O.P., UST Secretary General, explained that aside from officially welcoming the students to the university, the event is significant because this will help install to them (students) a "sense of belonging and pride in being a Thomasian".

Abano's message was contained in a memorandum circulated around the university early last month.

The annual welcome walk, according to Abano, also forms part of the university's calendar of activities in preparation for its Quadricentennial celebration in 2011.

The freshmen welcome rights was highlighted by a con-celebrated mass officiated by UST Rector Fr. Rolando dela Rosa, O.P., as main celebrant and homilist, followed by the Thomasian Welcome Rite, where the University formally opened its "door of knowledge" to its students.
Later in the night, a concert featuring the country's hottest rock bands such as Chicosci, Spongecola and Taken by Cars, was also held.

The UST Yellow Jackets and the eight-time University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) cheer dance champions, Salinggawi Dance Trope (SDT) together with ASAP's G-Force also performed to the delight of the freshmen and guest who attended the event. (Francis T. Wakefield)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Light of the Church: St. Dominic's legacy

The UST-DOMNET Local Coordinating Council is first and foremost the advocate of the Dominican spirituality – passion for truth, and compassion for humanity, in the Thomasian community. As the feast of St. Dominic de Guzman, the founder of the Dominican Order, comes into tide, the UST-DOMNET would like to lead the Thomasian community in honoring him by rendering an exhibition that features his life, passion, and legacy.

Santo Domingo de Guzman, a man of his own time, lived an exemplary life fashioned after the lives of the apostles. He became a beacon of light, emanating truth during the era when belief in God was dimmed and darkened by confusion and false teachings. In the present time, where there are instability in moral, political, and health concerns we can also be a beacon of light as a community and as a Church by reliving the legacy of St. Dominic de Guzman.
By means of this exhibition the UST-DOMNET endeavors:
· To introduce St. Dominic de Guzman to the new members of the Thomasian community,
· To refresh the community’s knowledge of St. Dominic,
· To put an emphasis to the importance if St. Dominic as the founder of the Order of Preachers to the Thomasian Community,
· To rediscover the significance of his legacy, and through this, encourage the community to relieve St. Dominic’s ideals and adapt it in our own time, and
· To invite the Thomasian community to live a life of prayer, study, fellowship, and apostolate.
The exhibition has two major components – the textual contents and visuals.
By means of the textual contents, there exhibition aims to present factual information about St. Dominic and his legacy in a fashion that will be more retentive in the memory of the viewers than the conventional way of presenting information. This will be executed in the form of anecdotes written by Dominican priests, brothers, sisters, and laities who are in the one way or another have a vantage point that may enlighten the viewers of the exhibit.
The other major content are the visuals, composed of materials that are expressed in art – such as paintings, images, and photographs. These materials may facilitate further learning. Through giving short captions to these exhibit materials, the viewers may obtain important aspects about the exhibition that are not present in the textual content. For example, it may answer some questions that are not present in the textual content. For example, it may answer some questions regarding the iconography of St. Dominic; “Why is St. Dominic holding a lily?” “What is the significance of the star on his forehead?” and other inquiries like these. The visuals will be borrowed from Dominican institutions and devotees.

UST Singers win international competition

The UST Singers capped their 17th international concert tour by winning major awards in the recent 2nd Californian International Choral Competition last June 25-29 at San Obispo, California.

Besting choirs from the United States, Macedonia, Africa, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, UST’s premier choral ensemble bagged two first-prize awards for the Required Pieces and Folklore categories, respectively and the People’s Choice awards, which the audience chose as the best choir in the four-day event held at the 1,200 capacity San Luis Performing Arts Center.

The UST Singers performed "Alles was odem hat lobe denn Herrn" from the motette Singet dem Herrn by JS Bach, and "Ave Maria "by Los Angeles Basedd composer Morten Lauridsen and Numerations"" by Lithuanian composer Jonas Tamoluionis in the Required Pieces category.

In the Folklore category, the Thomasian ensemble sang its conductor Fidel Calalang, Jr.’s composition Ayug ti Amianan (Scenes from the North), in three parts, the last being a series of variations on the Igorot song Chua-Ay. Also in the repertoire are two choral arrangements of Calalang’s "Waray-waray" and "Tirindingding".

The UST Singers began their 17th international concert tour from May 7 to July 12, covering key cities in the United States like New York, Las Vegas, Portland, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Vancouver, Washington, Honolulu and Seattle.

Founded by Calalang (the head of the Conducting Department and a music instructor at the UST Conservatory of Music) in 1993, the 26-man UST Singers are composed of students and alumni from different colleges and faculties in UST and have garnered over 45 top awards in various international choral competitions. In 1995, it became the only Asian choir to win the Choir of the World Grand Prize held in Wales, UK. It also topped the International Choral Competitions in Gorizi, Italy and Monster, Netherlands in 1998 and 2002, respectively.

The UST Singers had also been invited to sing in different choral festivals in France, Spain, Taiwan, Scotland, Germany and Mexico. They have graced the presence of several dignitaries like Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain, the Princess of Thailand, Presidents Diosdado Macapagal, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the late tenor Lucianno Pavarotti.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let's cheer "Go Uste!"

Schedule of the Growling Tigers for the Second Round of Eliminations:
Second round games of UST Growling Tigers

Aug 15 Saturday 4 pm vs FEU Araneta Coliseum
Aug 20 Thursday 2 pm vs UP Araneta Coliseum
Aug 23 Sunday 2 pm vs ADMU Araneta Coliseum
Aug 30 Sunday 2 pm vs NU Arena, San Juan
Sep 3 Thursday 4 pm vs DLSU Araneta Coliseum
Sep 6 Sunday 2 pm vs AdU Arena, San Juan
Sep 10 Thursday 4 pm vs UE Araneta Coliseum

Please support the Men's Basketball Team in their remaining games in the first round of eliminations:

Aug 2 (Sun) 4:00PM UST vs DLSU Philsports Arena

Aug 6 (Thu) 4:00PM UST vs FEU Araneta Coliseum

Aug 8 (Sat) 4:00PM UST vs UP Araneta Coliseum